Our Founder, Don Gregory

The Hoof-Alive Story

DON GREGORY SALES is a Wyoming based business run by the man who invented and developed this famous product sold in over 1200 stores coast-to-coast. Feed stores, saddle and tack stores, veterinary clinics, farrier suppliers, drug stores, nail salons, and dermatologists across the country are spreading the Hoof-Alive experience.
DEVELOPER/INVENTOR Don Gregory was a trained professional farrier (horseshoer) for eighteen years.   Don understands hooves through his training and daily work on them.  This experience is the foundation on which Hoof-Alive was created.  Hoof-Alive's natural formulation and astounding results are helping revolutionize the way the horse industry thinks about and treats the hoof  Don was disturbed by the old school traditions of using harmful substances such as pine tar, turpentine, phenol, petroleum and other un-natural industrial compounds (even motor-oil) and saw them doing harm rather than good.  He knew the reality of the saying "No hoof, no horse." Just as importantly, he cared (really cared!) about horses and knew he had to make a change in hoof care techniques and give the industry an alternative.  

In 1985, the (then) president of the Wyoming Cutting Horse Association, a long term client, asked him, "is there anything good for cracks?" Don answered, "There is, but nobody makes it." That led to the first batch of Hoof-Alive, as yet un-named and un-known. The startling results of its first use impelled the development of this, by now, renown product.

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