IN 1985, Don Gregory, a Wyoming Farrier (horse-shoer), because of his love of horses and because he knew the old saying "no hoof, no horse" was actually true, created and produced the first all-natural hoof dressing, "Hoof-Alive". Don used only the best, high quality ingredients in his dressing "Lanolin, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Almond Oil, Avocado oil, Wheat Germ oil, Aloe, Lecithin, and Vitamin E", resulting in the "ultimate" hoof dressing. Soon, people began using Hoof-Alive on other areas of their horses - and finally on themselves. People seemed to use Hoof-Alive on everything.

"Hoof-Alive" derived its name from Don's knowing that the hoof is "alive" - not dead. The human nail has the same composition as a horse's hoof wall,therefore the same can be said of the human fingernail, that the nail is also alive - not dead. People found that Hoof-Alive restores human nails the same way it does horse's hooves, by bringing them back to life and keeping them at their natural best. People discovered that they can have 10 perfect nails naturally.
TODAY, Hoof-Alive is known as "THE HORSE PRODUCT THAT PEOPLE USE" to restore their nails, hands, feet, lips, skin etc. to their most natural state and texture. Hoof-Alive has been tested and certified to be non-irritating, non-toxic and antibacterial - truly an all-natural and all-purpose wonder. Once you try it, YOU will wonder how you ever got along without Hoof-Alive.

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