The Hoof-Alive Family

Hoof-Alive comes in a variety of sizes to fit your animal as well as personal needs! Our smallest size (1/3oz) has a delightful peach flavor for use on dry and cracked lips. Our 3/4oz and 4oz sizes are perfect for a medicine cabinet or drawer so you can keep Hoof-Alive handy at your home or office.

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Dealer Point of Sale Display Kits

Our new 'Nail Tester' displays and counter tubs have dramatically increased point of sale results for many of our dealers.  Don't miss out!!!

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Hoof-Alive Coronet Soaker
Use for extreme cracks, extreme dryness and to promote hoof growth.
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Why Soak the coronet? The coronet or coronary band has three growth "coriums" which grow the hoof wall. The coronet band is where the hoof wall starts. Any problem at the coronet will usually eventually show up on the hoof wall. This soaking process goes to and treats the source of the problem. After soaking for about 2 weeks, the horse should have very much improved hooves. Soaking will not help with navicular problems
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