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Natural Nails after using Hoof-Alive!

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"I've been using Hoof-Alive on my nails for 4 years. I applied it several times a day, in the morning, last thing at night, and once or twice at work. It goes on easily, leaves no sticky or gummy residue, and gives the nails a nice, groomed look. It didn't happen overnight, but in about 2 months I had ten perfect nails. My nails no longer chip, never peel and grow as long as I want them to. Before Hoof-Alive I NEVER used to even cut my nails. I have Hoof-Alive on my desk and my bed side table. I recommend your product to anyone who has brittle, peeling or chipping nails. Use it for a few weeks, and all of a sudden you have healthy nails that grow as long as you want. With Hoof-Alive, you can have 10 good nails at the same time."

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"Applying Hoof-Alive every night I started to notice a definite improvement. After a month of nightly applications I saw a marked change. The cuticle was not dry or sore, the nails looked healthier and the splitting was abating. The nails kept improving and now 6 months later, I have healthier looking nails that are quite strong. The change is so nice! No more hang nails or embarrassing, short nails. Hoof-Alive, what a product!!! People should be beating a path to your door for this amazing product. I fully endorse the use of it. It has no side effects--well maybe one--You will have pretty nails ."

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