Hoof-Alive Coronet Soaker
Use for extreme cracks, extreme dryness and to promote hoof growth.
Why Soak the coronet? The coronet soaker keeps Hoof-Alive in direct contact with the growth tissues of the coronet. The coronet or coronary band has three growth "coriums" which grow the hoof wall.  The coronet band is where the hoof wall starts. Any problem at the coronet will usually eventually show up on the hoof wall.  The coronet underneath the soaker acts as a wick, drawing the Hoof-Alive into the hoof. The soaker retains the heat in this area and helps Hoof-Alive to penetrate into the growth tissue pampering this delicate tissue. Use around the clock for two weeks, reapplying approximately 1 table-spoon every 48 hours. After soaking for about 2 weeks, the horse should have very much improved hooves. Soaking will not help with navicular problems

  NOTE!!! Keep wood shavings away from soaker. The shavings get into the fleece and will act as an irritant. If you use shavings, make sure to vet wrap your soaker, making sure not to over tighten the wrap.

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