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Our goal is to help horses and people by manufacturing and distributing the highest quality product possible and to have it available to everyone, everywhere.  Hoof-Alive was developed from the concept that the HOOF is ALIVE – not dead.  Consequently, we use only the highest quality ingredients available: LANOLIN, GLYCERIN, COCONUT OIL, SAFFLOWER OIL, ALMOND OIL, AVOCADO OIL, WHEAT GERM OIL, ALOE, LECITHIN, VITAMIN E.
Hoof-Alive produces the best results imaginable with just one application per week! Hoof-Alive goes entirely through and into the hoof wall, or any other natural, live tissue. Our premium ingredients are wholly compatible with the live and sensitive blood and connective tissue beneath the wall's surface. By penetrating and becoming part of the hoof wall, Hoof-Alive makes the hoof virtually "weather proof" and impervious to the elements thus keeping the valuable Blood Moisture inside the hoof. This creates a stronger hoof and promotes healthy hoof growth. Plus, No other hoof dressing is used all over the horse, not just on the hoof: Saddle sores, rope burns, abrasions, cinch sores, cuts – just to name a few.  Long story short, you need and can use Hoof-Alive for something everyday.
Hoof-Alive is not just the best, it’s the best - BY FAR!
Our Customers Know the Secret!
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Our customers love Hoof-Alive!
No matter the application, whether hoof treatments, finger nail treatments, cracked feet, chapped lips, or even applied to dog's pads, Hoof-Alive does a superior job.

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